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Top of the Heap: The Naughty Side of the NES
Despite efforts by Nintendo to keep the NES squeaky clean, some unlicensed game developers managed leak some smuttiness onto the otherwise family-friendly system.
Why the Phoenix Wright Characters Will Die Alone
A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless.
Gamera Obscura: Asmik-kun Land
Over 8 million people purchased Halo 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sold a whopping 12 million. And Nintendo can't defecate out Pokémon and "Wii Insert Random Thing To Do Here" games fast enough to
Disregard Canon, Acquire Representation: Naoto Shirogane is a Transman
Why accept the canon explanation when the story could be so much more interesting?
Phoenix Grows a Beard
A story about the time Phoenix Wright grew a beard to make himself more attractive.
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Wii-VC)
Finally, a game where you can peck Dracula to death with birds.
MySims (PC)
They're not your Sims! They're–
What the Crap?: Difficulty Settings and Modes
Why, cruel videogame industry, are we forced to play Goldilocks when sitting down to play our games? Games all have their own ideas of what Easy and Hard mean, have different rewards (and sometime none at all) for choosing a more difficult setting, and really produce a schism in groups of people who say they've beaten a game. I really don't care if you've beaten the game on "Super Easy," you shmuck!
Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors (PC)
Meteo wraps up his Halloween game review-a-thon with this ROM hack of Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

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